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Welcome to aloe secret ...
Our  Premium Specialty Skin Therapy Products offer everything necessary to give your skin the fresh, healthy radiance it deserves!

Hydroponic Aloe Vera, Essential vitamins and minerals, natural moisture renewal ingredients and precious oils provide the skin with gentle care and enhance your skin's potential for ageless beauty.
A&28 Corrective Serum
Try this safe and effective alternative to costly injections or cosmetic surgery.
ALOE A&28 is applied over the lines and wrinkles you wish to reduce.
Use twice daily, over clean, dry skin. If used consistantly you should begin
noticing results in as little as two weeks.

.5 fl oz   item# 7963  made in USA (2 bottles)

Our aloe plants are pampered so well that they are able to relax and remain calm; allowing them to maintain more nutrients.   You may wonder why we take such good care of our aloe.  The answer is simple.  The better we take care of our aloe the better it takes care of us.  The aloe maintains more of its vitamins and minerals, as well as its acemannan and other polysaccharides, if it lives in a stress free environment.   This is just one of the many differences in our Aloe Vera.

The Aloe is harvested in a short duration of time to preserve the nutrients and avoid deterioration. After harvesting and processing, the aloe juice is tested in independent labs using the method of NMR or Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and other testing methods to determine acemannan content and purity.  Only after receiving these test results does the manufacturing process of the aloe juice continue.  The juice is then bottled and made ready to arrive at your door.  We work diligently and swiftly to provide the most effective Aloe Vera products you can buy.
The Original Aloe Mystery
On Sale Now: net wt. 1 oz Jar.    2 for $35.00
Known Worldwide, Aloe Mystery is the highest form of concentrated Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Topical ointment known. Contains high amounts of aloe polysaccharides to promote repair of damaged and irritated skin. Can be applied to burns, bed sores, skin abrasions, and irritations.
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